ULTIRACER P (2 Roller Model)

1. Enjoy the ride indoors with guaranteed safty

The RDT-developed Iron Arm (Vertical Support) holds your bike in an upright position even when you*re not pedaling. Ultiracer is safe even for children as well as seniors, with no risk of falling or injury. Great for the bike learners, too, as the Iron Arm plays the role of a father*s strong arms.

2. Experience the most natural cycling feeling

Ultiracer operates with 2 rollers, as opposed to the traditional bike roller that requires 3 rollers, which makes pedaling easier. More importantly, your bike on 2 rollers, synchronized with the Iron Arm which allows 18.5cm X-axis movement, creates smooth steering action. Uniquely, Ultiracer enables your bike to have seamless side-to-side movement as well as forward momentum.

The Iron Arm also adjusts according to the rider*s weight. Experience real cycling movements of pedaling, steering and balancing with your body weight fully loaded on.

Size range of bicycles that can be mounted