RDT is a start-up established in 2018, headed by CEO John Lee. It is specialized in developing indoor cycling technology. In a short span of time, RDT  has made a remarkable progress in inventing a number of innovative technologies.

Its first product, ULTIRACER, has made a historical debut on the occasion of EUROBIKE 2019 and been acclaimed as the ‘Best New Cycling Technology’ through CES 2020

RDT is pursuing the goal of safe and dynamic indoor cycling that gives the most natural outdoor cycling feeling. Under the COVID-19 situation, RDT is seeking ways to make home the most charming place for exercise.

Basically, RDT product is for healthcare. At the same time, RDT never fails to focus on the entertainment aspect. Its virtual cycling platform enables its users to enjoy various VR entertainment.

In the long run, RDT aims to change indoor cycling into a new type of sports for groups of people as well as individuals. RDT believes its product is the ultimate gamechanger for indoor cycling which promises endless possibilities to enhance health and joy for all.

RDT is just about to start its full-fledged domestic and overseas marketing. In view of various challenges that many start-ups face, RDT is open to various forms of collaboration with future business partners.