About Us

RealDesignTech is an innovative, well-experienced sports and health technology company based in South Korea. With many clients around the world, RealDesignTech has sparked a global movement within the sports and health industry, making indoor cycling the ultimate exercising experience.

RealDesignTech is led by 사업주 이름 who created the company with the aim of 회사 모토.

In a world with environmental pollution, traffic congestion, safety accidents, and most recently a global pandemic, exercising outside the home can be almost entirely impossible.

Recently, the solution to this problem were stationary bicycles or stationary bicycles with front wheels on a rotating roller. However, these devices cannot provide the full experience of the variable terrain users can enjoy in outdoor biking. Therefore, RealDesignTech decided to develop a new type of indoor bicycle device that allows users to attach both the front and back wheels of their own bicycle to rollers that will then create the topography of real road surface conditions. Additionally, with the Ultiracer Platform users can even link their device to virtual games or training programs developed by RDT. In these games, the user can control the game’s character through cycling on the UltiRacer, combining both the joys of cycling outdoors and the thrill of gaming.

Our Team

Our team is composed of brilliant hardware and software experts with over a 100 years of combined experience. With more than 100 patent applications, our team demonstrates the strength of RDT’s technological capabilities.

Based in South Korea

Besides our amazing team, one of RealDesignTech’s greatest strengths is that all products are assembled in South Korea, a technological powerhouse. We currently have our main production plant in South Korea. We plan to establish mass production bases in many overseas countries, but will still inspect, assemble and export core parts and technologies directly from Korea.