Features of 3RxS1

( Standard 3 Roller Type )

#1. Safety Cycling Device (Clamp)


  • If the bicycle that to be attached is a near-circle (oval circle is also possible) cycle frame various frame sizes of general bicycles can be applied

#2. Left & Right Safety Moving Guide

Prevention of Falling Off

  • The limitation of cycling could be minimized while the left and right movement could be induced.
  • It prevents ULTIRACER users from falling off during cycling.

#3. Horizontal 3 Roller

Features of Horizontal 3 Roller

  • By using the friction of the front and rear wheel, it is possible to steer the direction with the left and right safety cycling guide.
  • For people who firstly experience the bicycle and cycle roller, it can be user-friendly and reachable with the identical design of rollers in existing market.

Specification of Product Details