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ULTIRACER is Designed to Enjoy Bike Riding with User’s own or provided bike which fit in the device.

Just putting your bike on the ULTRIACER, The Whole New Experience will Appear to You.

Why? RealDesignTech

Indoor Cycling using Roller, Treadmill (what we called Stationary bike) is becoming active due to Environment Pollution, Traffic Congestion, Accidents and for Rehabilitation.

Recently the front-wheel or front & rear wheel rotating type devices that use Roller has been introduced. Still Stationary though.

But for Users, Professional Cyclist and People who enjoy Cycling, these Roller and Treadmill could not provide full experience of Bicycling.

Such as Various Road Surface Conditions, Moving Left & Right.

Which means by using existing Cycling Devices many of them became unicycle, not a bicycle.

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