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Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling using Roller and Treadmill is becoming active due to Envrionment Pollution, Traffic Congestion, Safety Accidents and Rehabilitation.

Recently, the front-wheel or front & rear wheel rotating type Devices that use roller, has been introduced.

But for users, the Device cannot provide full experience of Various Road Surface Conditions, ultimately does not have a complete function as cycling device.

Roller commonly used, is available for exercise with front wheels fixed, which means that it has a Game-Elements but it cocame difficult to experience a realistic cycling

Therefore, we found the needs to develop a new type of roller that can put on the users's own cycle and both front and rear wheels live.

So it can experience the topography and road surface condition of the cycling course.

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Tech based Startup

What are the reasons behind such splendid

technological development so far?

RealDesignTech is a startup but its history of R&D work by its

R&D teammates totals more than 110 years.

Four major R&D personnel who have more than

100 years of experience in total &

briliant hardware and software experts

who compose up to 90% of the total employees are the secret.

RDT's experience in participating in

more than 100 patent applications demonstates

how strong RDT's technological

capabilities are.

Made in The South Korea

One of the Strengths of RealDesignTech is that

all products are assembled in Korea.

We currently have a production plant in Korea

and Plan to establish mass production bases in many overseas countries.

But we plan to Inspect, Assemble and Export

all the Core Parts and Technologies directly in Korea.